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The longer Parmesan ages, the more glutamate is formed.

This is why Panino Giusto only uses no less than 24 month aged Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Panino Giusto has established itself as a brand that combines, taste and traditional care of ingredients while staying innovative.

We welcome our customers to an informal but refined atmosphere.

After inspection each ham is uniquely identified with Parma’s famous five point crown seared into the ham itself.

Panino Guisto's Mortadella by the Veroni Brothers is crafted with the best cuts of pork, which are first finely ground then mixed with small cubes of fat, whole pistachios, then seasoned.

Chiaphua now manufactures an extensive range of industrial and consumer products, including household appliances, power tools, environmental treatment products ...

Nestled in the charming and quaint Western District in the Hong Kong Island, the Henry offers unparalleled service as well as convenience to the Financial District.

The "trifola d'Alba" are the most highly esteemed of truffles and thus, also the most expensive.The pork leg is deboned, cleaned and then marinated for a day in Panino Giusto’s special brine mixture.After this, the leg is smoked with beech wood, where it matures culminating its delicate flavour.With unlimited web access and club-like ambience, our lounge provides the perfect setting for relaxation after an exciting day in town.Each of our residential suites are lavishly appointed with sumptuous fabrics and detailed features.

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