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In contrast, the Babylonian World Map, the earliest surviving map of the world (c.

For example, a 7.6 × 6.8 cm clay tablet found in 1930 at Ga-Sur, near contemporary Kirkuk, shows a map of a river valley between two hills.

This was a very popular contemporary Greek worldview, derived originally from the Homeric poems.

Also, similar to many other early maps in antiquity his map has no scale.

Regardless of the doubts about Homer's existence, one thing is certain: he never was a mapmaker.

an idea which would be suggested by the appearance of the horizon as it is seen from a mountaintop or from a seacoast. He and his Greek contemporaries knew very little of the Earth beyond Egypt as far south as the Libyan desert, the south-west coast of Asia Minor, and the northern boundary of the Greek homeland.

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