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The video’s insistence that women are the gatekeepers of sex and men only give commitment in exchange for sexual access rather neatly ignores the existence of gay men and lesbians.Presumably gay men – men, after all, preferring low-cost, no commitment sex – would .Up until that point, men were considered to be the pure ones, who had to resist the temptations of women and control their sexual natures them.Of course, it doesn’t help that most studies into human sexuality, especially with regard to libido and sexual desire, take it for granted that women don’t like sex as much as men, letting confirmation bias color over bad methodology and shoddy research.Sometimes the universe decides I don’t have enough rage in my life. This is an idea repeated over and over again, from toxic Pick-Up Artists like Roosh “Once you’ve had sex with a girl 3 times, there is nothing interesting or useful she will give you for the remainder of the relationship.” V to the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture. is a self-consciously hip whiteboard-style talk in the style of Minute Physics, because nothing makes slut-shaming go down easier than cutesy rip-offs of popular You Tube channels.

Oh and also, part of the reason for this market disruption was the ability to have sex without consequence. Also: it literally compares the birth control pill to bees and compares the Sexual Revolution to the effects of DDT.

So sex is not entirely a private matter between two consenting adults. When supplies are high, prices drop, since people won’t pay more for something that’s easy to find.

But if it’s hard to find, people will pay a premium.

But hey, why let facts get in the way of an agenda?

) Of course, this is if you want to be strictly heteronormative about this.

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