Who is lebron james mother dating

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I tried to get him last night in Milwaukee and dude dissed me THREE TIMES (twice coming in/out of hotel and once going into club downtown). I WAS THE ONLY person waiting for him to sign and he still didn't even acknowledge me.

For instance, what do you know about Le Bron James’ son, dad, mother and brother? In this post, you will learn some information about these important people in Le Bron’s life.Le Bron also recognizes this fact and has honored his mom in many ways including having a tattoo of her name on his body.She has managed to achieve something many other single mothers have failed to achieve.Le Bron James’ biological father is Anthony Mc Clelland, an ex-con uninterested in being a parent.This left his mother, Gloria James, with the difficult responsibility of raising the young kid herself. He retained the name James most likely in honor of what she had to go through to bring him up.

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